Pro View Sector. Specialised in organising shows and events

After seeing and hearing we need to feel

We provide each project with the best possible audiovisual experience. Making each project unique.
We bring to the project that part that makes the project special and unique. Because we seek excellence and singularity in every project.


  • LED screens: indoor, outdoor, P2, P4, P6.
  • Mapping and projection.
  • Editing and mastering.


 Our spirit of innovation means that we are constantly researching the most advanced technologies, offering coverage for all our customers’ needs.

Our technical department has a spirit of continuous renewal, R&D being one of the main pillars of our own company.



The corporate video is the perfect sales tool. You can show all the advantages and strong points of your company, showing the technology you use, telling your story, explaining your objectives and future projects or generating confidence through interviews with your best clients or employees.

Some of our lighting projects 

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